Rural Tourism

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The village of Gračac is situated halfway between Vrnjačka Banja and Kraljevo, 4 km from the main road, on the slopes of Mount Goč. Spread over a large area and scenically beautiful, it is excellent for rural tourism. Tourists can enjoy healthy food prepared according to traditional recipes from locally produced fruit, vegetables, cheese, kajmak, and honey. Especially attractive are traditional crafts produced by the villagers, such as embroidery, crochet and knitted work of diligent local women, and visitors can also learn about the traditional technique of making barrels.

Another attraction is old Smiljko Debeljak’s water mill, where flour is still made in the traditional way.

Gračac features St. Sava church, over 800 years old, built by St. Sava and Simon Nemanja. According to some accounts, it is older than Žiča monastery.

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The villages of Stanišinci and Goč are located on Mount Goč, at over 900 m above sea level. In addition to rural attractions, visitors can enjoy winter sports on the nearby ski tracks. Mount Goč offers possibilities for long walks in beautiful, unexplored forests abounding with herbs.