hunting vrnjacka banja

There is a long tradition of hunting a variety of wild animals in the Vrnjačka Banja area, with designated areas set aside for this sport, including:

1. “Vrnjačka Reka” (13.8 acres) managed by the Hunting Association of Vrnjačka Banja. This hunting area includes the following species: doe, wild boar, rabbit, wolf, fox, pheasant, field grouse, quail, and ring-pigeon.
2. “Beli izvor” (8.8 acres) managed by the Public Service “Borjak”. This open hunting ground features the following species: deer, wild boar, doe, rabbit, pheasant, woodcock, wild pigeon, marten, badger, wolf, fox, wild cat, magpie and gray crowbar.

The Hunting Association of Vrnjačka Banja is active at the hunting ground “Beli Izvor”, offering hunting of deer, does and boars, as well as other live game.