Aero Sports

The beauty of Vrnjačka Banja can also be experienced from the air in small planes that take tourists up for spectacular views of the vineyards, mountain ranges and local towns.

Aero Sports

The tourist-sport airport and Aero-club Trstenik organizes panoramic flights with sightseeing of the city and surrounding area (Trstenik, Vrnjačka Banja, Mataruška Banja, Kraljevo, monasteries of Ljubostinja, Veluće, Žiča, St. Petka, Kalenić, etc.). Panoramic flights are conducted in a Piper airplane with 3+1 seats. It is also possible to arrange flights that take passengers all the way from the Adriatic coast in the south to the far north of Serbia.

The following activities are also available:

  • Pilot training for engine flying (duration 50 hrs) and gliding training (duration 20 hrs for a maximum of 10 days)
  • Training sessions for flying planes and gliders
  • Schools for flying and parachuting
  • Organization of aero-spectacles

Aero Sports vrnjacka banja

The airport is located 2km east of Trstenik.
Connection to the town: bus-line (there is a regular local bus stop 300m away) and by taxi.
Visiting hours: during winter 7:00 -15:00, and during summer from sunrise to sunset.

For organized visits and sightseeing of the flight control building and the airport, please call in advance and schedule the appointment with the Aero-club +381 37 711 875 or the airport +381 37 711 175.